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As we all know, things get exponentially more difficult in life when we misplace our keys or even worse - lose our keys. Amongst the chaos of looking for the elusive keys, or just remembering you left them inside the car or locked door of your house, is the peace and serenity of having a good locksmith a call away. This locksmith, as you probably guess by now, is Portland Locksmith. With an easy phone call, we come to your rescue and unlock the lock or door that denies you entry. It's that simple friends.

An emergency can take many forms. Of course if you are in a life threatening emergency, or a child's safety is involved, don't call us, call 911. Barring a life threatening emergency, you can call us and we will be able to help. What kind of emergencies can a locksmith help you with you ask? Good question, read below.

Typical Locksmith Emergencies:

  • Being locked out of your car
  • Losing your car keys
  • Breaking your car keys inside the ignition or door
  • Having your car keys stolen
  • Being locked out of your house
  • Not being able to remove your key from the lock
  • Lock breaking on your home door
  • Unable to lock up your business
  • Fire employee refuses to return keys

As you can see, there is very high probability one of the above will happen to you, if it hasn't already. Knowing this, it would behoove you to save our phone number in your cell phone, or memorize it if necessary. Then, when the inevitable happens, just call us and our brilliant locksmiths will come and save you from your lockout or broken lock.

Thank you for reading about all our emergency locksmith services, and remember, it's not 'if' will it happen, but 'when.'

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