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If you drive a car, you know how important your car keys are, right? Most of us take car keys for granted. We just unlock our door, sit inside, slide the key into the ignition and turn and drive off. It's only when our keys mysteriously disappear that we are then brought into awareness of how important our car keys really are.

Whether you do or don't take you car keys for granted, you may find yourself in the following scenarios in which you need a car locksmith:

  • Make you a car key if your car key
    • Is missing
    • Broken
    • Stolen
    • Stops working
  • Open your vehicle if you lock your keys in your car
  • Your key break apart and the chip falls out
    • Need key programming

If you need a car key made, or your car unlocked, just call Portland Locksmith. No hoops to jump through or long applications to fill out, just a quick phone call will get us to you. Our locksmiths are able to open most vehicles including the most difficult European imports.

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